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  Property:It is white and harder and more brittle than A.It features strong cutting force and steady chemical property and execllent insulation.
  Usage:It can be used for making bonded and coated abrasive tools,wet or dry blasting.It is also suitable for superprecision grinding and polishing of crystal and electronic induxtry and making high quality refractory materials.It can be adopted for the grinding of the hard and strong bending strength materials such as chilled steel,alloy steel,high-speed and high carbon steel.Meanwhile,it can be used as catalyst carrier,insulator and presicion founding sand,etc.

类别 粒度 基本粒尺寸范围 类别 粒度 基本尺寸范围
微粉 W63 63-50 精微粉 W3.5 3.5-2.5
W50 50-40
W40 40-28
W28 28-20 W2.5 2.5-1.5
W20 20-14
W14 14-10 W1.5 1.5-1.0
W10 10-7
W7 7-5 W1 1.0-0.5
W5 5-3.5

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